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October, United In Purple

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Kicked out of the bedroom, I was made to sleep in the smallest room of the house that had no bed. I wore my phone and passport in my bra so that he could never take them.

April 19, 2009 was the day I got out.

Yes, this is my story and it wasn't until September, five months later that I would return home to safety. It was extremely hard. Now almost 10 years later I'm on the other side and have decided to be a support for women who have left their abusive partners and are out to transform their lives. 

Today October 1, we are kicking off our United in Purple Campaign to benefit women who have left the painful cycle of abuse. Each purchase in our Purple Shop supports her, sending her a message that she will rise. Dusting yourself off is not easy, I know. This is an opportunity for survivors to move forward, move up and move on. But we need your help.



Your purchase will go to Muslim organizations who are committed to supporting survivors and their children. TBA 

Ten years ago I had the protection of a shelter, access to food and created a plan to transform my life with a counselor and coach. My Muslim community collected money so that my children would have school clothes that year. What would my life and my children's lives be like now without that love and support? It's now time to help others. Can I count on you to stand with me? Enter The Purple Shop here...





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